Inkhead was born in 2009 as an attempt to live a more creative and a happier life through drawing, designing and silkscreen printing. Since then it’s been a crazy ride, I learned a lot about colors, people and about me. All the work here is personal. I am starting the designs in a sketchbook. Sometimes they finish there and other times I digitalize them and work them over. Then I do the screens and the printing. Each year I discontinue some designs and I make some new ones. The theme and the style of the drawings change every year depending the mood I am in. The colors that I use for printing are eco friendly and the t-shirts are organic. In the future I would like to be more creative and care less about pointless stuff and maybe collaborate with other people that share the same passion with me. 


I was born in Frankfurt. I have a BA Degree  in animation. I worked as an illustrator and a graphic designer.

(I also worked as a delivery boy with a moped and as a clerk in a kiosk selling cigarettes)